Welcome to Aarhus Student Gymnastics - ASGASG

Welcome to Aarhus Student Gymnastics

About Aarhus Student Gymnastics (ASG)

ASG is one of Aarhus’ largest student associations with approx. 500 gymnastics and fitness members. We train at different locations around the city – the description of each class will provide more information about time and location. These descriptions are all in Danish, but please fell free to contact pr@asg.dk if you wish to learn more.


Types of classes we offer:


With a fitness membership you can work out as much as you like at our different fitness classes. The fitness program changes every semester (february/september), and we therefore recommend you to keep an eye on the season callender (sæsonprogram).

Here you can learn more about the different fitness classes we offer.

The first three weeks of February and the first three weeks of September are free for you to try the different fitness classes without a fitness membership.

Price and membership

Semesterkort = 1 semester – dkk. 600.00

Årskort (feb-jan) / Sæsonkort (sep-jun): 2 semesters (excl. summer fitness) – dkk. 1000.00

For purchase of a fitness membership click here.



Out gymnastics teams practices for an entire season (september-may), and most teams finish the season with different shows in the spring. Some of the gymnastics teams are set already during August, and it is thus important to read the description of the different classes. Some teams are set based on peoples performance in order to gather a coherent team. If this is the case, the description will tell you more.

Here you can learn more about our gymnastics teams.

Price and membership

With a gymnastics membership you can join one gymnastics team but also freely work out at all our fitness classes.

Sæsonkort (sep-jun) – dkk. 1200.00

For purchase of a gymnastics membership click here


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Please notice that ASG is a student association where Danish students are your coaches. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you that the classes can be translated on your requirement.

Furthermore, a membership os ASG allows you to use all fitness classes, and it is thus not refundable if you for some reason do not wish to continue the class you planned. Neither is it refundable if you are injured or in other ways unable to participate.

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